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Our Lean Six Sigma Certification courses will help you improve the productivity and performance of your company and management. Our courses will teach you what you need to know about continuous company management methodologies and professional development programs. Six Sigma Champion, Six Sigma Green Belt, Six Sigma Black Belt, Certified Lean Specialist in Cost Control, Certified Lean Master curriculum, and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt are some of the management effectiveness training programs we offer.

LSS Texas-Lean Six Sigma Training

Why Choose Lean Six Sigma Training From Us?

As a world-leading supplier of Lean and Six Sigma Certification courses, we provide unrivaled experience, services, and professional coaches to help you get the most out of your training budget. Our blended learning environments and accelerated learning plans will assist you in meeting your human or corporate training objectives. For more details about how our Lean and Six Sigma Certification courses will help your company, please contact Lean Six Sigma Experts in Texas.

About Us

As the world leader in professional education, we have centers of excellence that have the most up-to-date programs and development plans that are tailored to each individual’s needs. We have a long tradition of providing public, in-house, and online courses to some of the most prominent companies and government departments in the world. Furthermore, since our coaches are accomplished specialists in their fields, our training moves beyond theory to provide you with practical real-world knowledge. As a result, you can count on us to have high-quality, dependable planning and growth at all levels of the company – in Texas. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you, regardless of your industry.

What is Lean Six Sigma?

It’s a Motorola methodology popularized in the 1990s by Jack Welch (CEO of General Electric). A five-stage strategy that assists businesses in managing company processes, removing duplication, increasing performance, and reducing inefficiencies, resulting in significant cost savings, improved profitability, and a positive impact on the bottom line! Several companies around the world have saved billions of dollars by applying Lean Six Sigma over the past two decades. Implementing Lean Six Sigma in the workplace has taught Dell, Standard Bank, and many other companies a lot.

FAQ’s On Lean And Six Sigma

Below are some of the advantages of Six Sigma for businesses:

  • Profitability is higher, and waste is reduced
  • Improves customer retention
  • Produces positive long-term change
  • Sets the direction and goals for the project
  • Encourages lifelong learning and development

According to a survey, the burden of inefficiency is borne by both manufacturing and service companies. In certain cases, it will add up to half of a support organization's spending. According to the findings, "successful work" accounted for less than 10% of the process cycle time. The remainder is made up of waste, rework, and non-value-added activities.

Six Sigma positions of organizations include:

  • Master Black Belt (MBB): This full-time post requires Six Sigma analysis and mathematical process skills. MBB provides strategic Six Sigma guidance and technical leadership under the designated location of an agency. MBB is in charge of BB preparation, mentoring, and coaching. They serve as the foundation for the organization's programs and project sign-off procedures. MBBs play an important role in BB system acceptance.
  • Black Belt (BB): A Black Belt is a full-time professional in charge of Six Sigma projects. They demonstrate knowledge of methodology, mathematical equations, and leadership abilities. Green Belts are mentored by Black Belts who have in-depth knowledge of Six Sigma.
  • Green Belt (GB): This may be a full-time or part-time position. Six Sigma Community Leaders shape and support Six Sigma Teams. They are in charge of overseeing Six Sigma systems from start to finish. Six Sigma BBs support and assist GBs in their roles.
  • Yellow Belt (YB): This position necessitates part-time work and a basic understanding of Six Sigma. They contribute to a GB or BB project as main team members or subject matter specialists.

Lean Six Sigma examines overall efficiency and how it can be applied to a business's day-to-day activities. A successful Lean Six Sigma program prioritizes three aspects: policy coordination, technical advancement, and implementation support.

As your chosen partner, we use a merit-based project evaluation strategy to ensure that resources are devoted to processing implementation tasks that are directly linked to your organization's strategic priorities while optimizing value. The partner will also help you create a solid structure for translating the strategic plan into concrete and observable activities. This entails rapidly deploying the best employees as Black Belts and Green Belts, establishing a standardized process for measuring and monitoring project results, and designing resources for use in the company.

Until the strategy and infrastructure are in motion, we will assist with the operational execution of a Lean Six Sigma rollout. We not only certify Black Belts and Green Belts in the DMAIC approach, but we also have the leadership to support the program and training, as well as coaching Sponsors and Champions to identify opportunities, choose and prioritize activities, and ensure accountability.

Any preparation program will be tailored to the organization's needs, policies, and ethos, and will include industry-relevant project examples. Your Lean Six Sigma partner will happily share their various experiences to change the training material. These will employ language and a plan in line with the more recent strategic interventions. Also, the preparation will provide you with examples and best practices to assist you in developing a toolbox that contains the "best of the best." This shows the company that Lean Six Sigma is not a substitute, but more a way to expand on the outstanding work you've already done. Our employees can frequently use tools to ensure that the customization process is error-free and that the preparation is adequate for the enterprise. At the same time, a Lean Six Sigma program could provide all of the services needed to serve as a Green Belt or Black Belt under the DMAIC methodology. However, if the partner has a successful program, such as Lean Six Sigma Experts in Texas, customization will be kept to examples relevant to the company and would not need to be built from the ground up.

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